Summer 2020

The Un.lockdown collaboration is a direct result of being in LOCKDOWN during the covid pandemic of March 2020 in the UK.

At a time when people most needed to get 'hands on' with their creativity; to experience physical touch; social arts and crafts groups were disbanded and made inaccessible. Access to safe creative spaces in the community was via social media. The physical world became a virtual one. Touch became a virtual reality.

As a maker and artist, both Sharon and Wayne are used to being in isolation; it is a chosen lifestyle.

This project documents a personal journey of being in lockdown as well as a global experience.


Drawing. Researching. Thinking. Sculpting. Measuring. Adjusting. Applying plaster. Mould making. Press moulding. Discussions. Releasing control. Stabbing. Attaching. More discussing.  Applying clay slip. Mixing glaze. Multiple firing processes. Releasing control. Discussions. More discussion. Writing. Thinking. Brain dumping...


More thinking. More researching. Discussing. Measuring. Sawing. Gluing. Waiting. Taking apart. Adjusting. Selecting. Rejecting. Analysing. Sawing. Chopping. Shaving. Attaching. Releasing. Burning. Mixing. Weighing. Connecting.


Revealing. Photographing. Making Contacts. Displaying. Writing. Discussing. 

Then... start the whole process again with an insight into our 'WHY?'